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Modiano Napoletane Playing Cards

Modiano Napoletane Playing Cards

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These beautiful Italian playing cards will keep you entertained for hours, whether you’ve never seen them before or grew up playing Scopa and Briscola. They’re perfect for a variety of sports, and they’re also lovely in crafts and scrapbooking.

This deck of cards is an authentic deck of Italian playing cards. Italian playing cards most commonly consist of 40 cards (4 suits from 1-7 and 3 face cards). The three face cards in each deck are the King, Cavallo (calvary man) and Fante (Infantry Man), except in the French region (see below) which uses a Queen instead of a Cavallo. Playing with Italian playing cards gives any player a wonderful historical perspective on this great country.

Some of the games that are played with these cards are Scopa and Scopone, Scopa d’Assi, Briscola, Burraco, Tressette, Terziglio, Madrasso, Ciapanò, Coteccio, and Camicia.

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